Highways and Byways – a Community of Service continues the vision of the Missionary Sisters of Service.

We seek to express the particular character and spirit that has inspired the work of the Missionary Sisters of Service since 1944, which is one of pastoral outreach and a deep respect for the dignity of every person.   Highways and Byways supports people and projects, particularly among those experiencing disadvantage and exclusion, empowering them to become part of communities of meaning and belonging.  Highways and Byways incorporates and extends the work of the John Wallis Foundation

We are a national organisation based in Melbourne, with branches comprised of Missionary Sisters of Service and volunteer community members who are our “eyes and ears” across Australia to the needs and issues of our time. Currently there are branches in Hobart, Melbourne, Toowoomba and Whyalla.

We also align ourselves as partners with the many community groups and organisations we have supported over the last 5 years.   Our focus is on supporting small organisations in disadvantaged communities, particularly in rural and remote Australia where the MSS spent many years in pastoral support.

Photo: L-R Bernadette Wallis MSS, Liz McAloon Executive Officer, Amanda Freeman H&B Project Officer (standing) and Stancea Vichie MSS assessing applications for the small grants program

We are governed by an experienced Board of Directors committed to social justice and furthering equality.  Our Board comprises three members of the Missionary Sisters of Service, and leader of the MSS Congregation Stancea Vichie MSS, as an ex-Officio member, and six other directors of varied experience and expertise. We grow and flourish through productive Committees complimented by many volunteers and friends who join us to build a more inclusive and just society.