We would love you to join us and be part of our Highways and Byways community of  walkers sharing our trails – this coming Saturday 22nd August 2020.

Very early in 2020 we set the date for our  annual Yarck to Yea Bush Walk, Ride or Run event along the Great Victorian Rail Trail. The date was to be this coming Saturday 22nd August!
Sadly our real walk in this special part of the country where Fr John Wallis grew up, is not going to happen this year. But we know many of you who regularly come along to this event are out walking each day. (We are seeing your pics on Facebook!)

The beautiful Yea Wetlands, Victoria

We invite you to share your walks with us throughout Saturday 22nd August 2020 on our Highways and Byways Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feeds –  wherever you are in Australia.

Those of us who usually organise this event are now spread around the city of Melbourne and regional Victoria in our homes. We will share our Saturday walks  – our views and locations, whether it be streets, parks, roads, bush, beach, cliffs or gardens.

Hope you can join us in sharing your walking trail – Saturday 22nd August 2020 – See you on socials!