In 2014 the John Wallis Foundation formed a partnership with The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal Renewal (FRRR) and established a Donation Account with them.  JWF was not itself able to get DGR status.  For the next four years our partnership with FRRR enabled donors to the John Wallis Foundation to receive full tax-deductibility on their donations.

With the development of Highways and Byways, a Community of Service, we have been granted DGR status in our own name, meaning we can offer tax-deductibility to our donors.   This is important, as we are totally dependent on our donors for the funds to carry on our work.   We are deeply grateful for the many people who contribute regularly.   They are truly partners in our mission.


FRRR was established in 1999 to build the social and economic capital of rural and regional Australia through partnerships with philanthropy. having this account has meant we have been able to grow our giving base substantially since the Foundation was established.  We have much in common with FRRR as we have a history of more than 70 years of Missionary Sisters of Service living and working in rural and remote areas of Australia supporting disadvantaged families and communities. The focus of our Foundation’s giving has been on rural and regional Australia over the last few years through our Small Grants Program.

L – R Liz McAloon Executive Officer, John Wallis Foundation, Sophie Burke, Philanthropic Services Manager FRRR, Liz Duthrie, Program Support Officer, FRRR, Carolyn McMillan, Administration Officer and Executive Assistant to the CEO, FRRR, Bernadette Wallis MSS and JWF Board Member, Stancea Vichie MSS, Congregational Leader of the MSS