The Foundation is named in honour of Father John Corcoran Wallis, the founder of the Missionary Sisters of Service (MSS).   Their motto, “Into the highways and byways”, has taken them intojw-cropped.png the highways and byways of Australia to reach people in all kinds of places and situations, from the city to the outback and beyond, always with a pastoral approach and a deep respect for the dignity of every person. Our Foundation seeks to support people and projects which express the particular character and spirit that has inspired the work of the Missionary Sisters of Service since 1944.

Who was Father John Wallis?

Born in 1910, Father John was ordained priest for the Catholic Archdiocese of Hobart in 1932.  He served the State of Tasmania as a priest for 69 years, dying in 2001, aged 91.
John Wallis was a man of God and a true pastor for his people, seeking them out in their homes, in hospitals and prisons.  People experienced him as man of deep humanity, understanding, compLovely laughterassion and wisdom, as well as a keen sense of humour.
A man of prayer, John’s love of God overflowed into love of God’s people and creation. He had particular concern for those isolated from mainstream life, either geographically or socially – those beyond. He nourished his soul with wide and wise reading.  Individuals and community sought him out for retreats and spiritual guidance.
Appreciating the place of good reading in the development of an informed and vibrant faith-life, he established in Hobart a Catholic library (1938) and, in the 1940s, a bookshop.  From 1957 until 2003 that bookshop was staffed by the Missionary Sisters of Service.
Father John’s vision was both vast and practical.  He encouraged people to “look at big maps”.  At the same time, he appreciated his immediate surroundings.  He delighted in bushwalking and photographing native flora, often using his photos as greeting cards for his proliferous correspondence.   For a fuller story of Father John:  Obituary Fr. John Corcoran Wallis 17.09.14 photo edit 2018..